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Model CD Model CD
1-bin Shift Sort Tray Type 2600 RICOH-13 FT4220 RICOH-3
2013Z(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4220 A110 RICOH-4
2627(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4222 RICOH-3
2627TD(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4222 RICOH-2
2635(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4222 A111 RICOH-4
2635TD(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4227 RICOH-1
2715X(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4410(sm,tr) RICOH-10
2718(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4415 RICOH-1
2732(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4418 RICOH-1
2732TD(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4421 RICOH-1
2740TD(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4422 RICOH-2
2822(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4422 RICOH-3
2822TD(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4427 RICOH-1
2913Z(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4430 RICOH-1
2nd Roll Tray Type A RICOH-12 FT4430(tr) RICOH-10
8,5 x 14 Paper Size Tray Type 700 RICOH-13 FT4460 RICOH-1
8,5 x 14 Paper Size Tray Types 700 and 1055 RICOH-13 FT4480 RICOH-1
8.5"x14" Paper Size Tray Type 1075 RICOH-13 FT4480(tr) RICOH-10
9027(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4490 RICOH-1
9027DL(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4495(sm,pc,sb) RICOH-18
9032(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4522 RICOH-3
9032D(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4522 A162 RICOH-4
9035(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4527 RICOH-3
9035DL(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4527 A160 RICOH-4
9115(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4615(sm,pc,um) RICOH-17
9122(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4618(sm,pc,um) RICOH-17
9122DL(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4621(sm,pc) RICOH-17
9220(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4622 RICOH-3
9220DL(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4727 RICOH-1
9400D(sm,pc) RICOH-10 FT4822 RICOH-3
A3/11x17 Tray Unit Type 1075 RICOH-13 FT5000(sm,tr,pc) RICOH-10
A3/DLT Tray Type 2105 RICOH-12 FT5010(sm,tr,pc) RICOH-10
A3/DLT Tray Type 850 RICOH-12 FT5034 RICOH-1
AD410 Duplex Unit RICOH-13 FT5035 RICOH-3
AD450 Duplex Unit RICOH-13 FT5035 A153 RICOH-4
AD460 Duplex Unit(sm,pc) RICOH-19 FT5035 Series RICOH-2
Aficio 1013(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 FT5050(sm,tr,pc) RICOH-10
Aficio 1013F(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 FT5070(sm,tr,pc) RICOH-10
Aficio 1015 RICOH-8 FT5135 RICOH-3
Aficio 1015(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 FT5135 A155 RICOH-4
Aficio 1018 RICOH-8 FT5233 RICOH-1
Aficio 1018(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 FT5433 RICOH-1
Aficio 1018D RICOH-8 FT5520(sm) RICOH-10
Aficio 1018D(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 FT5535 RICOH-3
Aficio 1022(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-14 FT5535 A156 RICOH-4
Aficio 1027(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-14 FT5540 RICOH-1
Aficio 1032(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-14 FT5550 RICOH-1
Aficio 1035 RICOH-8 FT5560 RICOH-1
Aficio 1035G RICOH-8 FT5570 RICOH-1
Aficio 1035P RICOH-8 FT5580 RICOH-1
Aficio 1045 RICOH-8 FT5590 RICOH-1
Aficio 1045G RICOH-8 FT5627(sm,pc) RICOH-17
Aficio 1045P RICOH-8 FT5632 RICOH-3
Aficio 1050 RICOH-8 FT5640 RICOH-3
Aficio 1050(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 FT5640 Series RICOH-2
Aficio 1055(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 FT5733 RICOH-1
Aficio 1060(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 FT5827(sm,pc) RICOH-17
Aficio 1075(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 FT5832 RICOH-3
Aficio 1085(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 FT5840 RICOH-3
Aficio 1105(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 FT6350(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-18
Aficio 1113(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 FT6620 RICOH-1
Aficio 120(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 FT6645 RICOH-1
Aficio 1224C(sm,pc,um,drv,fw) RICOH-11 FT6645 RICOH-3
Aficio 1232C(sm,pc,um,drv,fw) RICOH-11 FT6645 A095 RICOH-4
Aficio 150 RICOH-7 FT6655 RICOH-1
Aficio 180 RICOH-7 FT6655 RICOH-3
Aficio 200 RICOH-7 FT6655 A096 RICOH-4
Aficio 2015(sm,pc,um) RICOH-13 FT6665 RICOH-1
Aficio 2018(sm,pc,um) RICOH-13 FT6665 RICOH-3
Aficio 2018D(sm,pc,um) RICOH-13 FT6665 A097 RICOH-4
Aficio 2022(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-14 FT6750 RICOH-1
Aficio 2027(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-14 FT7060 RICOH-1
Aficio 2032(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-14 FT7650 RICOH-2
Aficio 2035(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-14 FT7650 RICOH-3
Aficio 2035e(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-14 FT7650 A175 RICOH-4
Aficio 2035eG(sm,pc) RICOH-14 FT7650 A176 RICOH-4
Aficio 2035G(sm,pc) RICOH-14 FT7650 A177 RICOH-4
Aficio 2045(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-14 FT7650 A191 RICOH-4
Aficio 2045e(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-14 FT7650 A192 RICOH-4
Aficio 2045eG(sm,pc) RICOH-14 FT7660 RICOH-2
Aficio 2045G(sm,pc) RICOH-14 FT7660 RICOH-3
Aficio 2090(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 FT7670 RICOH-2
Aficio 2105(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 FT7670 RICOH-3
Aficio 220 RICOH-8 FT7770 RICOH-1
Aficio 2232C(sm,pc,um) RICOH-16 FT7950 RICOH-3
Aficio 2238C(sm,pc,um) RICOH-16 FT7950(sb,um) RICOH-18
Aficio 240W(sm,pc,um) RICOH-19 FT7960 RICOH-3
Aficio 250 RICOH-7 FT7960(sb,um) RICOH-18
Aficio 270 RICOH-8 FT7970 RICOH-3
Aficio 340 RICOH-8 FT7970(sb,um) RICOH-18
Aficio 345 RICOH-8 FT8680 RICOH-2
Aficio 350 RICOH-8 FT8780 RICOH-1
Aficio 350e RICOH-8 FT8880 RICOH-1
Aficio 355 RICOH-8 FT8980 RICOH-2
Aficio 355e RICOH-8 FT8982 RICOH-2
Aficio 400 RICOH-7 FT9101 RICOH-1
Aficio 401 RICOH-7 FT9101(sm,pc) RICOH-18
Aficio 420 RICOH-7 FT9105(sm,pc,um) RICOH-18
Aficio 430 RICOH-7 FW7030D RICOH-7
Aficio 450 RICOH-7 FW740 RICOH-3
Aficio 450 RICOH-8 FW740 A163 RICOH-4
Aficio 450e RICOH-8 FW750 RICOH-3
Aficio 455 RICOH-8 FW760 RICOH-3
Aficio 455e RICOH-8 FW770(sm,pc,um) RICOH-18
Aficio 470W(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 FW780(sm,pc,um) RICOH-18
Aficio 500 RICOH-7 FW810 A023 RICOH-4
Aficio 550 RICOH-7 FW830 (sm,pc,um)  
Aficio 550(sm,pc,sb) RICOH-13 FW870 RICOH-3
Aficio 551 RICOH-7 FW870 A174 RICOH-4
Aficio 551(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 FX10 RICOH-9
Aficio 650 RICOH-7 G3 Interface Kit Type 500 RICOH-12
Aficio 650(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 G3 Interface Unit Type 2238(pc) RICOH-16
Aficio 700 RICOH-7 G3 Interface Unit Type 410 RICOH-13
Aficio 700(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 Hard Disk Drive Type 240(pc) RICOH-19
Aficio 850 RICOH-8 Interface Board Type 470 RICOH-12
Aficio 850(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 Interface Board Type 850 RICOH-12
Aficio AP2600 RICOH-8 Interface PCB Type 240(pc) RICOH-19
Aficio AP2600(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 IS330DC RICOH-6
Aficio AP2600N RICOH-8 IS450D(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-18
Aficio AP2600N(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 IS450DE(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-18
Aficio AP2610(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 IS450DE/V(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-18
Aficio AP2610N(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 IS450S(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-18
Aficio AP2700 RICOH-8 IS450SE(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-18
Aficio AP3200 RICOH-8 ISDN G3 Interface Unit Type 510 RICOH-12
Aficio AP3850C(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-16 ISDN G4 Interface Unit Type 510 RICOH-12
Aficio AP400(sm,pc,um) RICOH-13 ISDN Interface Unit Type 190 RICOH-12
Aficio AP400N(sm,pc,um) RICOH-13 ISDN Interface Unit Type 500 RICOH-12
Aficio AP4500 RICOH-8 Jogger Unit Type 1075 RICOH-12
Aficio AP4510(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-14 Jogger Unit Type 1075 RICOH-13
Aficio AP600N(sm,pc,um) RICOH-13 JP1010 RICOH-5
Aficio AP828(sm,pc) RICOH-16 JP1030 RICOH-5
Aficio CL1000N(sm,pc,um) RICOH-19 JP1045 RICOH-5
Aficio CL7000(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-16 JP1050 RICOH-5
Aficio CL7100(sm,pc,um) RICOH-19 JP1215(sm,pc) RICOH-15
Aficio FAX5000L(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 JP1235(sm,pc) RICOH-15
Aficio FX12(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 JP1250(sm,pc) RICOH-15
Aficio IS01 RICOH-7 JP1255(sm,pc) RICOH-15
AP1400 RICOH-7 JP1260P(sm,pc) RICOH-15
AP1600 RICOH-7 JP2800(sm,pc) RICOH-15
AP2000 RICOH-7 JP2810P(sm,pc) RICOH-15
AP204 RICOH-6 JP3000(sm,pc,um) RICOH-15
AP206 RICOH-6 JP3800(sm,pc) RICOH-15
AP2100 RICOH-7 JP3810P(sm,pc) RICOH-15
AP2600 RICOH-8 JP4500(sm,pc,um) RICOH-15
AP2600N RICOH-8 JP4510P(sm,pc) RICOH-15
AP305 RICOH-6 JP5000 RICOH-5
AP306 RICOH-6 JP5500(sm,pc,um) RICOH-15
AP3800C RICOH-6 JP730(sm,pc) RICOH-15
AP505 RICOH-6 JP750(sm,pc,um) RICOH-15
Bizworks 106 RICOH-7 JP780C(sm,pc) RICOH-15
Bizworks 406 RICOH-7 JP8000 RICOH-5
Bizworks 406df RICOH-7 JP8500(sm,pc,um) RICOH-15
Bizworks 406e RICOH-7 JP8510P(sm,pc) RICOH-15
Bizworks 406edf RICOH-7 Laser AP2600(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13
Bizworks 706 RICOH-7 Laser AP2600N(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13
Business Pro 1200(sm,pc,um) RICOH-18 Laser AP2610(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13
Business Pro 1200R(sm,pc,um) RICOH-18 Laser AP2610N(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13
Business Pro 800(sm,pc,um) RICOH-18 M100 RICOH-1
Business Pro 800R(sm,pc,um) RICOH-18 M50 RICOH-1
Bypass Feed Unit Type 510 RICOH-12 M60 RICOH-2
Bypass Feeder Type 180 RICOH-12 M60 RICOH-3
CF90 Cover Feeder RICOH-12 Mail Bin Type 3800C(sm,pc) RICOH-16
CF90 Cover Feeder RICOH-13 Multi Bypass Tray Type 2105 RICOH-12
Color Laser AP306(um) RICOH-18 MV106 RICOH-9
Color Laser AP306D(um) RICOH-18 MV310 RICOH-9
Color NIC Fax Unit Type 410 RICOH-13 MV310E RICOH-9
Color NIC Fax Unit Type 410 NA RICOH-13 MV715 RICOH-9
Color Unit Type 410 EU/ASIA RICOH-13 MV74 RICOH-9
Copier Feature Expander Type 7000(sm,pc) RICOH-16 NC5006 A109 RICOH-4
Copy Connector Kit Type 700 RICOH-13 Network Interface Board Type 1018 RICOH-13
Copy Connector Kit Type A RICOH-13 Network Interface Board Type 2000 RICOH-12
Copy Tray Type 1075 RICOH-13 Network Interface Board Type 450 RICOH-12
Copy Tray Type 700 RICOH-13 Network Interface Board Type 450 RICOH-13
Cover Interposer Tray Type 1075 RICOH-12 Network Interface Board Type 450-E RICOH-12
Cover Interposer Tray Type 1075 RICOH-13 Network Interface Board Type 450-E RICOH-13
CPIF-26 Controller(sm) RICOH-15 NIC Fax Kit Type 210 RICOH-12
CS360 (Mailbox) & Mailbox Bridge Unit RICOH-13 NIC Fax Kit Type 500 RICOH-12
CS380 Mailbox RICOH-13 NIC Fax Kit Type 510 RICOH-12
CS390 Mailbox RICOH-13 NIC Fax Unit Type 410 RICOH-13
Data Overwrite Security Unit Type A and B(sm) RICOH-16 NIC Fax Unit Type 410 EU/ASIA RICOH-13
Desk Top Binder V2 Lite RICOH-12 NIC Fax Unit Type 510 RICOH-12
Desk Top Binder V2 Professional RICOH-12 Original Tray Type G RICOH-12
DF Type 30(sm) RICOH-15 Paper Bank Type 7100 (Large Capacity Tray)(sm,pc) RICOH-19
DF Unit Type 85(sm,pc) RICOH-15 Paper Cassette Type 240(pc) RICOH-19
DF71 ARDF RICOH-13 Paper Feed Unit Type 1000(sm,pc) RICOH-19
DF72 ADF RICOH-13 Paper Feed Unit Type 180 RICOH-12
DF73 Document Feeder(sm,pc) RICOH-16 Paper Feed Unit Type 2600 RICOH-13
DF74 Document Feeder RICOH-13 Paper Feed Unit Type 3800C (One tray)(sm,pc) RICOH-16
DF77 Document Feeder(sm,pc) RICOH-16 Paper Feed Unit Type 3800C (Two trays)(sm,pc) RICOH-16
DF78 ADF RICOH-13 Paper Feed Unit Type 400 RICOH-13
DF79 ARDF RICOH-13 Paper Feed Unit Type 500 RICOH-12
DS5330 RICOH-7 Paper Feed Unit Type 510 RICOH-12
Duplex Unit Type 7000(sm,pc) RICOH-16 Paper Feed Unit Type 600 RICOH-13
Duplex Unit Type 7100(sm,pc) RICOH-19 Paper Feed Unit Type 7100 (One tray)(sm,pc) RICOH-19
Envelope Feeder Type 2600 RICOH-13 Paper Feed Unit Type 7100 (Two trays)(sm,pc) RICOH-19
Envelope Feeder Type 400 RICOH-13 PC Fax Expander Type 190 RICOH-12
Fax Option Type 1013 RICOH-13 PC Fax Expander Type 500 RICOH-12
Fax Option Type 1018 RICOH-13 PC Interface Kit Type 180 RICOH-12
Fax Option Type 2018 RICOH-13 PC-Fax Expander Type 500 RICOH-12
Fax Option Type 2238(sm,pc) RICOH-16 PDU Kit Type 210 RICOH-12
Fax Option Type 3800C/ISDN Option Type 3800C(sm,pc) RICOH-16 Platen Cover Type 1018 RICOH-13
FAX07 RICOH-9 Platen Cover Type 1018(pc) RICOH-15
FAX10 RICOH-9 Platen Cover Type 3800C(pc) RICOH-16
FAX1000L RICOH-9 PostScript Kit Type 700 RICOH-13
FAX10E(sm) RICOH-17 Printer Controller EB-105 RICOH-12
FAX111 RICOH-9 Printer Controller RW-240(sm,pc) RICOH-19
FAX1120L(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 Printer Controller Type 1013 RICOH-13
FAX1160L(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 Printer Controller Type 1018 RICOH-13
FAX1400L RICOH-9 Printer Controller Type 2 018 RICOH-13
FAX1400L(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 Printer Controller Type 2018 RICOH-13
FAX15(sm) RICOH-17 Printer Controller Type 650 RICOH-13
FAX170 RICOH-9 Printer Controller Type 700 RICOH-13
FAX1700L RICOH-9 Printer Controller Type 850 RICOH-12
FAX1750MP RICOH-9 Printer Controller Type EB-70 RICOH-13
FAX180 RICOH-9 Printer Controller Types 1055 RICOH-13
FAX1800L RICOH-9 Printer Controller Types 700 RICOH-13
FAX1800L(pc,sb,um) RICOH-12 Printer Controller Types 700 and 1055 RICOH-13
FAX1900L RICOH-9 Printer Hard Disk Type 450 RICOH-13
FAX1900L(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 Printer Interface Type 500 RICOH-12
FAX20 RICOH-9 Printer Interface Type 510 RICOH-12
FAX200 RICOH-9 Printer Kit Type 1075 RICOH-13
FAX2000L RICOH-9 PRINTER Option Type 650 RICOH-13
FAX2000L(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 Printer Unit Type 40 RCP40(sm) RICOH-15
FAX2050L RICOH-9 Printer/ Scanner Unit Type 2018 RICOH-13
FAX2050L(pc,sb) RICOH-12 Printer/Scanner Kit Type 1075 RICOH-13
FAX20E(sm) RICOH-17 Printer/Scanner Unit Type 2105 RICOH-12
FAX2100L RICOH-9 Printer/Scanner Unit Type 2238(sm,pc) RICOH-16
FAX2100L(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 PS450 Paper Tray Unit RICOH-13
FAX2100Li RICOH-9 PS460 Paper Tray Unit RICOH-13
FAX2100Li(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 PS470 Large Capacity Tray(sm,pc) RICOH-16
FAX220 RICOH-9 PS480 Paper Feed Unit RICOH-13
FAX240(RF01/RF02) RICOH-9 PS540 Paper Tray (One tray)(sm,pc) RICOH-16
FAX2400L RICOH-9 PS550 Paper Tray (Two trays)(sm,pc) RICOH-16
FAX25(sm) RICOH-17 PS560 Large Capacity Tray(sm,pc) RICOH-16
FAX250(RF03) RICOH-9 PT340 One-bin Tray RICOH-13
FAX2500L RICOH-9 PT460 Multi-bin Output Tray(pc) RICOH-16
FAX2600L RICOH-9 Punch Kit Type 1045 RICOH-12
FAX2700L RICOH-9 Punch Kit Type 1045 RICOH-13
FAX2900L RICOH-9 Punch Kit Type 1045(pc) RICOH-16
FAX2900L(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 Punch Kit Type 850 RICOH-12
FAX2900Li(um) RICOH-12 Punch Unit Type 1090 RICOH-12
FAX30(sm) RICOH-17 Punch Unit Type 1090 RICOH-13
FAX3000L RICOH-9 Punch Unit Type 850 RICOH-12
FAX3100L(sm) RICOH-17 Punch Unit Type 850 RICOH-13
FAX3200L RICOH-9 RF800(sm) RICOH-17
FAX3310L(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 RF920(sm) RICOH-17
FAX35(sm) RICOH-17 Roll Feeder Type 240(pc) RICOH-19
FAX3500L RICOH-9 RT37/RT44 Large Capacity Trays RICOH-13
FAX3700L RICOH-9 RT42 Large Capacity Tray RICOH-12
FAX3800L RICOH-9 RT43 Large Capacity Tray RICOH-13
FAX3900L RICOH-9 RT46 Large Capacity Tray RICOH-12
FAX3900L(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 RW-470 RICOH-12
FAX3900NF RICOH-9 Scan Router Professional RICOH-12
FAX3900NF(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 Scan Router V2 Lite RICOH-12
FAX4410L(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 SL310(sm,pc) RICOH-12
FAX4410NF(sm,pc,sb,um) RICOH-13 SR730 Finisher RICOH-13
FAX4500L RICOH-9 SR740/SR870 Finishers RICOH-13
FAX4700L RICOH-9 SR750 Booklet Finisher RICOH-13
FAX4800L RICOH-9 SR770 Finisher(pc) RICOH-16
FAX500 RICOH-9 SR770 Finisher/Punch Kit Type 1045(sm) RICOH-16
FAX5000L RICOH-9 SR810 3,000-sheet Finisher RICOH-12
FAX550 RICOH-9 SR810 Finisher RICOH-13
FAX5510L(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 SR840 RICOH-12
FAX5510NF(sm,pc,um) RICOH-12 SR840 Finisher RICOH-12
FAX5600L RICOH-9 SR840 Finisher RICOH-13
FAX60 RICOH-9 SR85 Booklet Maker RICOH-12
FAX60E(sm) RICOH-17 SR85 Booklet Maker RICOH-13
FAX65(sm) RICOH-17 SR85 Cover Feeder RICOH-12
FAX680MP RICOH-9 SR85 Cover Feeder RICOH-13
FAX70(sm) RICOH-17 SR85 Cover Feeder Service Manual RICOH-13
FAX7000 RICOH-9 SR850/SR860 Finishers RICOH-13
FAX70E(sm) RICOH-17 SR860 RICOH-12
FAX75(sm) RICOH-17 SR860 Booklet Finisher RICOH-12
FAX77 RICOH-9 SR90 Booklet Maker RICOH-12
FAX80 RICOH-9 SR90 Booklet Maker RICOH-13
FAX800 RICOH-9 SR910 Booklet Finisher/Punch Kit Type 2238(sm,pc) RICOH-16
FAX85 RICOH-9 SR910 Booklet Finisher/Punch Kit Type 2238(sm,pc) RICOH-19
FAX880 RICOH-9 SR920 Two-tray Finisher(pc) RICOH-16
Feature Expansion Board Type 1018 RICOH-13 SR920 Two-tray Finisher/Punch Kit Type 1045(sm) RICOH-16
FT1008 RICOH-3 SS810 RICOH-5
FT1208 RICOH-3 SS830 RICOH-5
FT2010 RICOH-1 SS915 RICOH-5
FT2012 RICOH-2 SS930 RICOH-5
FT2012 RICOH-3 SS935 RICOH-5
FT2012 A183 RICOH-4 SS950 RICOH-5
FT2012+(sm,pc,um) RICOH-18 SS955 RICOH-5
FT2050 RICOH-1 Table Type 240(pc) RICOH-19
FT2070 RICOH-1 Tape Marker Type 20(sm,pc) RICOH-15
FT2212 RICOH-3 Tape Marker Type 21(sm) RICOH-15
FT2212 RICOH-2 TR85 Trimmer RICOH-12
FT2212 A184 RICOH-4 TR85 Trimmer RICOH-13
FT2212+(sm,pc,um) RICOH-18 TR90 Trimmer RICOH-12
FT2260 RICOH-1 TR90 Trimmer RICOH-13
FT3013 RICOH-2 UNITC400 A133 RICOH-4
FT3013 RICOH-3 UNITC406 A109 RICOH-4
FT3013 A151 RICOH-4 UNITC420 A193 RICOH-4
FT3020 RICOH-1 UNITC503 A166 RICOH-4
FT3050 RICOH-1 UNITC503 A187 RICOH-4
FT3060 RICOH-1 UNITC503 A189 RICOH-4
FT3113 RICOH-1 UNITC606 A172 RICOH-4
FT3213 RICOH-2 UNITC606 A199 RICOH-4
FT3320 RICOH-1 VT1730 RICOH-5
FT3513 RICOH-2 VT1800 RICOH-5
FT3513 RICOH-3 VT2005 RICOH-5
FT3613(sm,pc,um) RICOH-17 VT2100 RICOH-5
FT3713 RICOH-3 VT2105 RICOH-5
FT3713 RICOH-2 VT2130 RICOH-5
FT3813(sm,pc) RICOH-10 VT2150 RICOH-5
FT3813(um) RICOH-17 VT2200 RICOH-5
FT4015 RICOH-3 VT2240 RICOH-5
FT4015 RICOH-2 VT2250 RICOH-5
FT4018 RICOH-3 VT2300 RICOH-5
FT4022 RICOH-3 VT2400 RICOH-5
FT4022 A161 RICOH-4 VT2500 RICOH-5
FT4027 RICOH-3 VT2600 RICOH-5
FT4027 A157 RICOH-4 VT3500 RICOH-5
FT4118(sm,pc) RICOH-17 VT3600 RICOH-5
FT4127 RICOH-3 VT3800 RICOH-5
FT4127 A159 RICOH-4 VT6000 RICOH-5
FT4215 RICOH-2 ZipRip UC5(sm) RICOH-15
FT4215 RICOH-3 ZipRip UC5e(sm) RICOH-15
FT4215 A128 RICOH-4 ZipRip UC6(sm) RICOH-15     
FT4220 RICOH-2        FAX4420L  

sm sevice manual in English PDF download, smR service manual in Russian, smD service manual in Deutch, sh service handbook in English, tr training manual, rm reference manual, pc part catalogue / parts list in English, cd / sd circuit diagram / schematic diagram, sb service bulletin, drv driver, fw firmware, um user manual English, umR user manual in Russian, ug user / owner guide, inst installation procedure in English.